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Orthodontics for Children

Prevention is the main priority in dentistry. It’s very important when we treat our children’s teeth in early childhood. It’s recommended to have an orthodontic consultation around 6 years old to assess if there is any discrepancy with the bite or the position of the teeth.

It’s best to start with orthodontic treatment for children immediately after the second molar teeth have emerged and after all the baby teeth have fallen out, which usually happens around 9-11 years old. At this point the jaws are still flexible and the treatment can be quite quick, while all the teeth are in the oral cavity.

Our specialists in children’s orthodontics are aware of the special requirements for efficiently dealing with children’s orthodontics so the treatment can be done on time and the children won’t be afraid of the dentist.

Types of Children’s Braces

Pediatric orthodontics offers numerous solutions for aligning teeth. You can get functional devices that are removable or you can have fixed devices as well. Often trainers and spacers are used. These are used in order to ensure that when the teeth come out, they grow properly and that they use all the space available in the mouth without overlapping. Normally, children will have short treatment periods and child appliances will be used for a shorter period of time, with a strong emphasis on the retention phase. But the most important thing in children’s orthodontics (or pediatric orthodontics, as it’s called) is that the orthodontist understands and likes children.

The types of appliances available for children are the same as those that exist in adult orthodontics, although there are some special features for children:

Metal: traditional metal appliances are notoriously the most common for children and are also usually the cheapest available solution.

Ceramics: These devices have the same function as metal ones, but the materials used make them less noticeable. The support has no color or will have the color of the teeth, in order to harmonize better with the teeth. The wire is usually still metal, although it may have a tooth-colored coating.

Lingual appliance: Lingual appliances are metal supports and wires, but they can be placed out of sight, behind the teeth, close to the tongue. This position makes it very difficult to be seen, so they are another good option for children who are afraid of being bullied because of their devices.

Invisalign for Children / Teens: Invisalign can be used by children from 11 years old, as long as they have already lost all their baby teeth. This system offers a completely new way to straighten your teeth. Instead of having a fixed appliance, they will have a series of removable aligners that will place the teeth in their ideal position


  • Treatment is most effective while your child is still growing
  • Reduces the likelihood of complications, such as root damage or trauma
  • Potentially avoids more complex treatments in the future
  • In some cases it avoids the need to extract teeth permanently
  • Improves your child's self-esteem and confidence

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