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Why choose us?

Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time!

Professionals who care about you

Professionals available to listen to you

Professionals with the highest success rate

Highly certified professionals

Our promises

"Changing Lives, one smile at a time"

We always offer the best technical and technological solutions, considering the clinical needs, expectations and financial possibilities of our patients.


We only offer solutions that we would use for ourselves or someone in our family.


We will always explain which options are most suitable for your case, explain the advantages, disadvantages and consequences of each choice.


We will listen to all your concerns.


We will answer all your questions.


We will show you all the inherent and predictable costs before starting treatment.


We will do our best to ensure that consultations begin at the appointed time.


We will make your treatments as comfortable and convenient as possible.


We will ensure that all our employees update their knowledge and follow scientific developments in the respective areas of dentistry.

Do you already know our team?

Our doctors are highly qualified
Dr.Artur Caleres


Dr. Artur Careles
Dr.Bruno Magalhães

Oral Hygiene

Dr. Bruno Magalhães
Dr.Carlos Gonçalves

Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Carlos Gonçalves
Dra.Ecaterina Ursu


Dra. Ecaterina Ursu
Dr.João Oliveira

Oral Surgery

Dr. João Oliveira
Dra.Lúcia Costa

Dental Medicine

Dra. Lúcia Costa
Dra.Mafalda Nemésio


Dra. Mafalda Nemésio
Dra.Margarida Malta


Dra. Margarida Malta
Dra.Maria João Antunes


Dra. Maria João Antunes
Dra.Marisa Diogo


Dra. Marisa Diogo
Dr.Ricardo Almeida

Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Ricardo Almeida
Dra.Rita Costa

Advanced Surgery

Dra. Rita Costa
Dra.Silvana Guerra

Oral Hygiene

Dra. Silvana Guerra
Dra.Sofia Flor Garcia


Dra. Sofia Flor Garcia


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What our customers say...

Better than spending the day drawing new smiles is listening and reading what you have to say at the end of the treatments.
Here we leave some of the testimonies of our satisfied customers.

“I come to give my testimony regarding Dentista Lisboa's medical team. In addition to the technical part that went very well and I did a lot of treatments, I also want to highlight the financial aspect. The clinic was sensitive to my economic situation and the truth is that through a treatment plan phased in time, I was able to have a completely new mouth in 3 months. ”

Henriqueta Martins, Almada

“Dr. Joana managed to solve a problem that had been plaguing me for a long time, using a dental prosthesis. I had already gone through 2 offices and never managed to adapt to the prostheses despite the effort I was making. As the last attempt to try Dentist Lisboa, because although I was unable to use a prosthesis, I also didn't feel comfortable without it. Dra Joana was impeccable and, after taking the molds, which cost me a lot, I did 2 tests and now I'm more presentable."

António Silva, Odivelas

“I come to express my appreciation for my new dentist. At 29, I still had an uncontrollable fear of the dentist. On a friends advice I went to Clínica Dentária Dentista Lisboa and it was my luck! I was attended by Dr. Rita Costa, who understood my fear, listened to me and managed to face the visits to the dentist in a much less stressful way. I've already carried out a series of treatments there and Dr. Rita Costa is always careful to explain each one to me and why the options are being taken. Thank you Dr. Rita and know that I will recommend your clinic to all my friends."

Fátima Rodrigues, Lisboa

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Rua Ferreira da Silva, 9B

Monday to Friday: 09h00 to 18h00
Saturday: Closed

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