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Pratical Informations

  • We have a specialized team that, through a panoramic x-ray, accurately realizes whether to proceed to surgery and what is the most appropriate solution
  • We use the best techniques from the anesthesia process, through tooth removal to post-surgical follow-up
  • Personalized post-surgery advice

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, or in popular slang, as “judgment teeth”, are the last to be born in adult dentition. They can reach a maximum of four, however, there are cases where there is an agenesis of wisdom teeth, that is, the non-formation of the germ that originates the wisdom tooth.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth: When should they be extracted?

Each case is different, and not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. The wisdom tooth, even though it’s the last to appear in the dentition, can grow without needing to be removed. However, due to orthodontic needs, in which the specialist needs space to move the patient’s teeth, due to inflammation of the cap surrounding the tooth, formation of cysts and tumors associated with the tooth, its extraction may be necessary.


  • Avoid the appearance of cavities and gum disease due to the difficulty of cleaning in the wisdom spot
  • Prevent the incorrect wisdom birth from causing neighboring teeth to become crooked
  • As for the judgment, it's just a myth

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Process step by step



Make an appointment at our clinic to make an assessment on the positioning of your tooth using a panoramic x-ray.


After the x-ray, analyze how the surgery will be done, which varies if the wisdom tooth is completely in sight (simplest procedure) or if it is inclusive.


Proceed to the most appropriate procedure, starting to detach the gum tooth so that it gains greater mobility to be removed.


Cold foods that require minimal chewing are recommended, such as ice cream, cold soups, crushed vegetables and natural juices are usually some of the options indicated.

Why you should make your treatment with us?

20 Years of Experience

We have a team of dentists and a maxillofacial surgeon with over 10,000 implants successfully placed. Every week we receive patients from all over the world to place their implants with our team of specialists.

Treatment Success Rate - 98%

Our experience combined with the technology we use, allows a success rate of over 98% in the placement of implants. In cases where bone graft is needed, the success rate is 90%.


When making your implants with us we guarantee that in case of failure, we repeat the surgery at no cost to you.

Payment Facilities

At CDL we offer payment facilities that can go up to 48X.

Conscious Sedation

For your comfort we offer the possibility of having your surgery while you sleep. In conscious sedation we always have a team of nurses and anesthesiologists who supervise the entire process, from start to finish.

After Care

At CDL, the comfort of our patients is one of our priorities. Thus, after the surgery you will always be in contact with one of our treatment coordinators who will clarify any doubts you have or that will put you in contact with the doctor if necessary.

Guided Surgery

At CDL, we plan your surgery in a computerized way with 3D tools and offer the possibility of doing the guided surgery so that it is faster and more convenient for you with less chance of human error and a better postoperative for you.

Reference Brands

We only use brands of reference implants, which allow you, in case of need, assistance anywhere in the world.

“By far ONE OF THE BEST dental clinics I have encountered. Super thoughtful, caring and extremely professional! I absolutely recommend it for any urgent, short or long term treatments.”

Rui Rodrigues

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Monday to Friday: 09h00 to 18h00
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