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A dental cyst is a pathological cavity that forms a kind of pouch next to the teeth, accumulating bacteria and dead cells in the form of liquid or other organic substance.

They can form in different areas of the mouth and tend to grow over time, if not properly treated, they can cause the loss of teeth or progress to even more worrying situations in your mouth.

Most cysts develop due to an infection at the root of the tooth, but there are other types of dental / jaw cysts, and it is essential to make the diagnosis in order to define the most appropriate treatment plan.

Although most cysts located in the tooth structure are benign, some cysts are very aggressive, leading to the belief that some subtypes may be potentially malignant.
To proceed with the treatment, surgery is used, whether or not it is necessary to remove the tooth affected by the cyst.

How to detect that you need Cysts Removal? What are the symptoms?

Most of the time, the cysts grow slowly and do not cause pain, making their identification difficult. They are usually detected on radiographs or check-up visits.
This is a silent problem that can cause irreversible damage to your mouth. To avoid the consequences, know how to recognize, treat and avoid it.

The best way to control the situation is through regular visits to the dentist for routine visits. However, if the cyst is already at a more advanced stage, some symptoms are:

  •  Local pain
  •  Swelling of the gums
  • Fever and headaches
  •  Wounds in the oral region
  •  Numbness
  •  Displacement of teeth
  •  Inflamed tongue and cheeks, with white or red spots
  •  Difficulty chewing and swallowing
  •  Voice changes
  • Deformity on the face

What are the causes of dental cysts?

The causes for the appearance of this problem are not easily identified, however
there are 4 main reasons:

1) Infections: Infections, even if they occur in other areas of the body (nose,
throat), may be the source of cysts. Low immunity, stress or elevated
physical / mental exhaustion represent risk factors that can enhance this
2) Incorrect tooth growth: Defective tooth development, for example, the included teeth (which are not completely born), can be also an explanation.
3) Unsuccessful dental procedures: Cysts can also arise due to poorly performed procedures in clinic, for example, a devitalization poorly done.
4) Genetics: Gorlin-Goltz syndrome is an example.

Cysts Removal

The removal of dental cysts requires the intervention of oral surgery. If the origin of the cyst is an embedded tooth, it may have to be removed. If the dentist considers tooth eruption possible, only partial removal of the cyst is performed.

Another procedure is to drain the liquid from the cyst, which decreases the pressure inside it, without removing it.

In cases where the infection is located at the tip of the tooth root, devitalization of the tooth may be the solution. If the infection continues, the cyst should be removed surgically.


  • Contribution to a healthy mouth
  • Problem resolution
  • Prevent the cyst from increasing and causing complications
  • Elimination of oral discomfort

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Why you should make your treatment with us?

20 Years of Experience

We have a team of dentists and a maxillofacial surgeon with over 10,000 implants successfully placed. Every week we receive patients from all over the world to place their implants with our team of specialists.

Treatment Success Rate - 98%

Our experience combined with the technology we use, allows a success rate of over 98% in the placement of implants. In cases where bone graft is needed, the success rate is 90%.


When making your implants with us we guarantee that in case of failure, we repeat the surgery at no cost to you.

Payment Facilities

At CDL we offer payment facilities that can go up to 48X.

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For your comfort we offer the possibility of having your surgery while you sleep. In conscious sedation we always have a team of nurses and anesthesiologists who supervise the entire process, from start to finish.

After Care

At CDL, the comfort of our patients is one of our priorities. Thus, after the surgery you will always be in contact with one of our treatment coordinators who will clarify any doubts you have or that will put you in contact with the doctor if necessary.

Guided Surgery

At CDL, we plan your surgery in a computerized way with 3D tools and offer the possibility of doing the guided surgery so that it is faster and more convenient for you with less chance of human error and a better postoperative for you.

Reference Brands

We only use brands of reference implants, which allow you, in case of need, assistance anywhere in the world.


The dental cyst consists of the formation of a cavity that accumulates bacteria and dead cells in liquid form.

Cysts only show symptoms at an advanced stage, so you should visit your dentist regularly to detect the problem in its early stages. Cysts are detected through
radiographs or check-up consultations.

Local pain

Swelling of the gums

Fever and headaches

Wounds in the oral region


Tooth displacement

Inflamed tongue and cheeks, with white or red spots

Difficulty chewing and swallowing

Voice changes

Face deformity

If your doctor diagnoses you with a cyst, you should follow the instructions that are appropriate for your situation. In most cases, oral surgery is performed to remove the cyst.

“By far ONE OF THE BEST dental clinics I have encountered. Super thoughtful, caring and extremely professional! I absolutely recommend it for any urgent, short or long term treatments.”

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