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We have a qualified team of doctors in different areas of expertise. A team that only makes us stronger and effective.
Dr. Artur Caleres
Dr.  Artur Caleres
Implants and dental surgery

Professional License: 6666

  • Master in Dental Medicine by ISCSEM (2003-2008)
  • Post-Graduate in Implants and Advanced Dental Surgery by the Faculty São Leopoldo de Mandic, Campinas, Brazil. (2010)
  • Certificate in Implants by the FMDUL (Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon) full time regime (2010-2013)
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
  • Experience: 12 years.
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Dr. Bruno Magalhães
Dr.  Bruno Magalhães
Dental hygiene

Professional License: C-037634089

  • Degree in Oral Hygiene by Faculty of Dental Practitioners of the Lisbon;
  • Oral hygienist with a course taken at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon with a bachelor's degree and later complement of a degree made at the same institution;
  • Sedation techniques course from Amsterdam;
  • Languages: Portuguese and English;
  • Experience in Dentistry: 16 years.
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Dr. Carlos Gonçalves
Dr.  Carlos Gonçalves
Oral Rehabilitation

Professional License: 5489

  • Dental Medicine, Master degree in Austria;
  • International Course with Pascal Magne;
  • Harvard ITI Course;
  • Former student of Military School;
  • Degree in Dental Medicine;
  • Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
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Dra. Ecaterina Ursu
Dra.  Ecaterina Ursu

Professional License: 12285

  • Born in Moldova, came to Portugal with 9 years old. As a teenager studied at Escola Básica de Bocage and Secundária de Bocage. Enjoys photography, run and family.
  • Languages: Portuguese, Romanian, English, French and Russian;
  • Working perfect day: perform painless endodontics and happy patients.
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Dr. João Oliveira
Dr.  João Oliveira
Oral Surgery

Cédula Profissional: 10277

  • Formação: Medicina Dentária
  • 2015 - Master in Dental Medicine – Superior Institute of Health Sciences Egas Moniz;
  • 2016 - State of Art in Sinus ;
  • 2018 – Implantology Course by the University Lleida, Spain ;
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish.
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Dra. Lúcia Costa
Dra.  Lúcia Costa
Dental Medicine

Area of Expertise: 10247

  • Education: Oral realibitation
  • I am determinant and focus on all I do, both professional and personally. To relax I swim, I swam in competitions;
  • Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • Working perfect day: a day when all patients leave my in-chair practice with a smile.
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Dra. Mafalda Nemésio
Dra.  Mafalda Nemésio

Professional licensel: 8135

  • Integrated master in Dental Medicine (2006-2011) - ISCSEM ;
  • Department of Periodontology Instructor ISCSEM (2011-2014) ;
  • Post-graduation in oral Implantology (2015-2016) - CESPU;
  • Organizing Commission of the 19th Dental Medicine Conference ISCSEM;
  • Post-graduation in Periodontology, (2011-2012) - ISCSEM;
  • Assistance Consultation of Periodontology ISCSEM ;
  • Languages: english spanish and Portuguese.
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Dra. Margarida Malta
Dra.  Margarida Malta

Area of Expertise: 4443

  • Education: Dentist doctor, degree by South High Institute of Health Sciences (UNICSUL), 2003.;
  • Post-Graduation in Orthodontic, UNICSUL, February 2010 ;
  • 4th Theoretical and Practical Course of Orthodontic and Facial Orthopedics, Orto-p, PhD by Dr. José Eduardo Prado de Souza et al., 2008;
  • Post-Graduation in Damon System Portugal, by Dr. Teresa Alonso and Dr. Carlo Mota;
  • Certification Invisalign Portugal 2015.
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Dra. Maria João Antunes
Dra.  Maria João Antunes

Profissional license: 7526

  • Education: Dental medicine, Integrated master in dental medicine, Post-graduation in Adhesive dentistry with minimum invasion.
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Dra. Marisa Diogo
Dra.  Marisa Diogo

Professional license: 5576

  • Education: Dental Medicine, Endodontic, Fixed prosthetic and implantology
  • Languages: English and basic French
  • Working perfect day: A day when I can do a little of the areas I like within dentistry
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Dr. Ricardo Almeida
Dr.  Ricardo Almeida
Oral Rehabilitation

Professional License: 3820

  • Restorative dentistry and aesthetics by the ISCSEM in 2005;
  • Course of Occlusion and Prosthesis by the European Implant Center (Porto), 2007;
  • Implant Course by the DOCXXI (Coimbra) in 2004;
  • Function and Dysfunction of masticatory system (Krems- Austria) in 2010.
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Dra. Rita Costa
Dra.  Rita Costa
Advanced Surgery

Professional license: 5611

  • Area of Expertise: surgery, implantology and maxillary-facial surgery
  • Languages: English and Portuguese;
  • Experience: 14 years.
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Dra. Silvana Guerra
Dra.  Silvana Guerra
Oral Hygiene

Professional license: C-033166080

  • Education: Degree and specialization in Oral Hygiene;
  • Born in Lisbon and living on the south bank of Tagus;
  • Languages: English and Portuguese;
  • Working perfect day: full agenda with satisfied patients that fulfill all provided follow-up.
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Dra. Sofia Flor Garcia
Dra.  Sofia Flor Garcia

Professional license: 6445

  • Born in a pharmacist family with a brother in Lisbon. Studied in a Catholic school;
  • Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • Working perfect day: a day with a good team and loads of orthodontia. Satisfied and thankful patients.
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“By far ONE OF THE BEST dental clinics I have encountered. Super thoughtful, caring and extremely professional! I absolutely recommend it for any urgent, short or long term treatments.”

Rui Rodrigues

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